Uprise (www.uprise.co) is a mental health and performance improvement EAP solution. This award-winning EAP helps HR improve employee engagement, retention and performance by proactively engaging staff, using clinically proven psychological techniques delivered via mobile app and enhanced with phone coaching.

Unlike traditional employee counselling that reacts once employees are already in crisis, Uprise’s award-winning technology portal identifies and supports employees with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, stress) BEFORE they reach crisis point. Employees who need help rarely ask for help. We reach out to employees early before crises occur.

Designed to be an effective solution for businesses big and small, Uprise takes a unique, technology driven approach to mental fitness and up-skilling employees to be more resilient.

Head Office

Address: Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW, 2033, Australia
Phone: 1300 209 371 (toll-free)
Email: team@uprise.co
Website: uprise.co


Chief Executive Officer, EAPAA
2/88 Victoria ave Chatswood 2067


Phone: 61 (0)2-9882-2688